Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Don’t know just where to start?

As Economic Developers we are all too aware of the constant demand to keep so many moving parts in the air and heading in the right direction. And on top of all of that you have the opportunities to maximize your influence and generate more success for your community by engaging active site consultants through familiarization tours, special events and professional development trainings. At Consultant Connect we understand that balancing your current portfolio of projects, community dynamics and attracting new companies takes a tremendous amount of effort and focus on a daily basis. This is where we come in.

Consultant Connect stands ready to help you fill the gap with energy, attention to detail, creativity and most importantly years of experience working with site consultants in a variety of settings. We can customize a level of service for you based on your unique desires and needs; putting together an event format that is guaranteed to alleviate some pressure. Similar to our Summits, we strive to facilitate the details so you are free to be a champion for your community.

At Consultant Connect, we believe in a collaborative spirit, the highest quality of customer service and we have a deep commitment to delivering on our promises. Our team has extensive experience coordinating, planning and executing on the following services:

  • Familiarization Tours
  • Marketing Blitzes
  • Private Dinners and VIP Events
  • Professional Development Conferences and Events for Economic Developers

Let us help.

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