Derith JarvisToday we decided to shake things up with the From The Ground Up podcast. We have an interview with Derith Jarvis of Mohr Partners to share with you.  We know not all of you were able to make it to ECONOMIX 2016 and we wanted to give you a sneak peek into one of the sessions from our time in Atlanta.  In their conversation, Derith and Ron dive into life, leadership and what the future relationship of site selectors and economic developers will look like. We know you’ll enjoy it!

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Derith Jarvis

Derith JarvisAs managing partner of Mohr’s Site Selection and Incentive team, Derith oversees all site selection activities for national accounts and one-off transactions in markets across North America. Mohr Partners’ site selection department deliverables include market availability analysis, mergers and acquisitions support, comparable studies, real estate market trend analysis, labor and demographic analyses and GIS mapping to name a few. Derith also personally oversees the process of negotiating economic incentives at all levels of government on behalf of Mohr’s clients. Derith joined Mohr Partners in 2006 as the Director of Research and Site Selection.

Prior to joining Mohr Partners, Derith spent 8 years with Nielsen Media Research, a leading provider of television audience measurement and related services. During his time at Nielsen, his responsibilities included preparation of sample market analyses, including demographic studies, and managing the demographic makeup of assigned Nielsen samples. He was also responsible for implementation of several different research methodologies and overall field operations management for Nielsen’s New York market.

Derith has been a featured speaker at various industry events including Expansion Management’s Roundtable in the South, Consultant Connect, Southern Economic Development Council’s Meet the Consultants, Area Development’s Consultant Forum, Teamwork Louisiana Conference, Kentucky United Economic Development Conference and several other state economic development conferences.

In 2008, Derith was named Mohr Partners’ Mentor of the Year. He also served in the United States Navy for four years and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

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